Datapulse Phone Applications Replace Discontinued Avaya Application Gateway 2000

Raleigh, NC - Datapulse is offering its Progression application suite for heritage Nortel IP phones as a direct replacement for the discontinued Application Gateway 2000. This follows the announcement from Avaya Inc. confirming the immediate manufacture-discontinue of the Application Gateway 2000 in December 2009.

"Customers and resellers with a requirement for the Application Gateway product are searching for a replacement solution with similar applications that will continue to be developed and supported for many years to come," said Trevor Crook, Product Manager at Datapulse. "The Datapulse Progression solution offers a wide choice of applications which are currently available for heritage Nortel and being evolved to support Avaya IP phones."

Progression delivers practical, converged business applications to the screens and speakers of Avaya CS1000 IP phones. This transforms the capability of the IP phone, enabling it to be both a voice communications device and an information appliance, providing a host of productivity and communication benefits beyond the cost savings of Voice Over IP.

Simple to deploy, Datapulse's Progression suite of easy-to-use applications work out of the box, requiring no expensive integration work.  Available applications include RSS news feeds, corporate branding, revolving screen savers, corporate directory, alerts, messaging and voice paging for broadcasting live audio to the speakers of other IP phones. Datapulse has also developed applications for hospitality including personalized guest services, express checkout, do-not-disturb, house-keeping checklists and integration with room management systems.

Datapulse is a Platinum member of the Avaya Dev Connect program and certified Nortel developer partner - assuring customers that Datapulse technology is fully tested, supported and promoted by Avaya.